Yes, I am "that other Razaya smut blog"

Oh hey, there! Name's Sarah. White hetero cis lady artist currently aspiring to be a voice actor for cartoons and stuff. I love animation, comics, music, books, theater, dance....basically anything that tells a story.

I have strong opinions on social issues and will constantly question and examine the structures of the society I live in as well as unravel my own internalized thoughts and privileges re: race, gender, class, sexuality, and body/mental health, among others. Should I overstep my bounds or conduct myself in any way that is problematic and you feel it necessary to correct me via reply, ask, or fan mail, please do not hesitate to do so, especially if I owe an apology or need to tag anything for you.

tl;dr-If being called out and forced to confront oppressive behavior makes you feel angry or insulted, you're in the wrong place and probably won't enjoy a lot of what I post.

(but if you came seeking Christmas-colored alien/robot sexytiems and spawn art, you're in the right place so enjoy that at least)
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